WE HAVE THE BEST HUNTING GRAPHICS, DESIGNS, AND HUNTING WEBSITES AROUND! was established to fulfill the need from the small mom and pop shop, all the way up to the large corporation with their hunting and outdoors graphical needs. We have extremely indepth knowledge of what it takes to design the right graphics, print ads, websites, logos, and more, all while keeping the overall marketing message in mind and making an impact.



    One of the most important aspects of any business or organization. Properly executed logo design to help identify who you are and what you do.



    Everything from hunting business cards, to postcards, banners, posters, print ads, and anything else that has to do with hunting related designs.



    Put your hunting logos or hunting designs on your clothing and market your brand in everyday public interactions.



    Having an eye-catching, yet user friendly website is one key feature to help any business or organization grow. Get a free quote today.

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Here at we encompass everything outdoors. Everything from hunting logos, to hunting business cards, hunting print ads, hunting posters, hunting postcards, hunting banners, hunting apparel design, hunting websites, hunting social media design, and more. The scary part, that’s only the tip of the iceberg… We’ve been a part of, and designed full color print magazines front to back, designed store displays for large corporations, helped brand and grow political campaigns, and executed thorough marketing plans for start-up businesses. Heck, we’ve even came up with marketing ideas and strategies for established corporations. Sure, we love designing graphics, but more importantly, we understand everything that happens behind the scenes and what it takes to make a business successful as well. Taking an idea, and turning it in to a full blown brand.

You may be wondering what understanding business models has to do with designing some sick graphics? Well in fact, it has everything to do with designing graphics. If we don’t have a clear understanding of your target market and whom you’re trying to reach or sell your products too, your design may miss its mark entirely and fail to get your brand message across to your target audience. Ads and marketing materials are only as good as their message. To properly execute a design, this message needs to be clear, concise, and powerful, all while creating some serious eye-catching attention. This is what we specialize in.

We could go on for hours talking about the importance of marketing and design. However, we’ll keep it short and simple and let our portfolio below speak for itself. If you’re in need of, or want something designed, is your solution.


Contact us and we can discuss how we can work with your budget and possibly get you the desired results, on time, on target, and ON YOUR BUDGET.

**All artwork is original and designed from concept to completion with revisions to ensure materials are correct before publishing or print. Client must supply ALL artwork, photography and text. If not supplied, Photography of products, color correction, clipping paths will require an extra cost with a $300 minimum. Copy should be supplied by client, if copywriting and editing is required, it will be charged as an extra fee depending on the scope and dynamics of the work/products and will require an extra cost with a $300 minimum. Artwork requested requires a two week minimum turn-around time from first draft to finished files. Files due sooner will be charged an additional 25%, 50% of which is due before project execution. All work under $1000 requires a 50% deposit before work is started. Jobs with a balance of $1000 or more will be charged a deposit of 50% to begin work, and final payment before final files are released to client; unless otherwise agreed upon. Deposits are non-refundable. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone, and especially those who create a hostile work environment. In the case of this event; your files will be supplied to you at the point of which they are saved and uploaded to a folder for retrieval. Prices do not include printed finished materials, only finished design files in any format desired. PDF, AI, PSD, PNG, GIF, JPEG, InDD These practices have been in place since January 1, 2008.

Programs We Use // Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Flash, Adobe Lightroom, Apple Final Cut Pro, Apple Aperture etc.

About this Blog // You want inside tips on your outdoor and hunting marketing? You'll find those here. Also, you'll find project updates and past completed projects. So dive in!


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    Are you looking for a custom hunting website for your company or organization? Here at Hunting Graphics we have a team of in-house designers and web developers that are ready to create your truly custom hunting website, and make YOU stand out in the marketplace. We understand that most consumers are in fear of seeking out a truly custom designed site because of the price tag. But, what if cost wasn’t a factor? Here at Hunting Graphics we’ve succeeded in developing custom hunting websites that are EXTREMELY affordable. We aren’t your poor customer service design firm either. We actually answer the phone, keep you up-to-date on your project status, and furthermore, we even invite you to check in on your project at any time for an update!

    Here at Hunting Graphics, we have worked with some of the largest names in the hunting industry. We understand what it takes to get you from point “A”, to point “B”. When designing your new hunting website, we aren’t just about making it look cutting edge, we encompass an entire marketing strategy behind the website build to help convert traffic into clientele. What does that mean? That means you are making money! Everything we do has a purpose behind it, and we can assure you you’ll stand out in the industry with your new custom hunting website design.

    To get started, or get a FREE no obligation quote, simply fill out the contact form here.


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    Here at Hunting Graphics we just finished up a new t-shirt design for backcountry bowhunting legend, Cameron Hanes. Cameron has authored two books, Bowhunting Trophy Blacktails, and Backcountry Bowhunting. Aside from being one of the hunting industries most sought after authors, Cameron has experienced bowhunting success across the globe. From plains game in Africa, to the bruins that roam the North Country in Alaska, grizzly bears. Cameron has become a bowhunting legend. His new slogan, Beast Mode Bowhunting, has drawn a younger crowd on board and sparked a new generation of the hardcore bowhunter. Constantly inspiring those to become not only a better hunter, but a better person in their everyday lives is what has drawn so many to Cameron. We appreciate the opportunity to design his new t-shirt and we look forward to designing numerous others in the near future.

    The Cameron Hanes Bleed T-shirt was designed with a 9″ saying across the front, “How Bad Do You Want It?” And followed up with a paint splattered design on the back with a set of elk antlers cutting through the paint. The saying, “Will You Bleed For It?”, being printed within the paint splatter on the back. Dripping blood running throughout the yellow on the word bleed helps accent the design.

    If you’re looking for t-shirt design within the hunting or outdoor industry, graphic design in the hunting industry, logo design or website design within the hunting industry, here at Hunting Graphics we can fulfill your needs. Submit our free contact form and we’ll be in touch shortly!


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    Here at Hunting Graphics we had the opportunity to work with a great company over the past couple of weeks on several different design projects. Blade-Tech Industries located in Puyallup, Washington contacted us in need of several different projects that needed to be completed for the upcoming 2013 year. We had the opportunity to design several page layouts for their new 2013 product catalog which displays a full line of their gun holsters, attachments, iPhone cases, and more. Fitting right inline with our outdoor and hunting related graphic design background, this was a project we were eager to tackle.

    The second project we had the pleasure of working on with Blade-Tech was their new iPhone POP display for instore display on counters and shelves. This display was built to hold their new Revolution iPhone cases and holsters. It is roughly two feet tall when constructed. There will be four columns for different size phone cases and holsters for customers to grab one and see if it fits their specific phone model before purchasing. If you’re looking for a new iPhone case or holster, we can promise you, you won’t find a better case than a Blade-Tech Revolution series case.

    Here is a bit about their new holsters and cases:

    BLADE-TECH’S REVOLUTION SERIES holsters use a proprietary blend of polymers engineered to offer lifetime performance in a wide range of conditions. The holsters will not become soft in extreme temperatures (over 300º F) and will not become fragile in low temperatures.

    What seperates us from the competition is our extremely tough belt attachments, the TEK LOK™ & BT KLIP™. Both offer superior strength and are easy to remove and attach to belt. The TEK LOK™ is a secure, innovative and versatilelatching attachment system with an integrated secondarylocking system built in. Adjustable for belt sizes from 1.25”to 2.25”. The BT KLIP™ is adjustable using its own shim systemand will accomadate belts 1.25” – 1.75”. The BT KLIP™also comes with hardware for attachment.

    BLADE-TECH Industries is proud to announce our Revolution series iPhone case! This case is compatible with our iPhone holsters, and is made of a shock resistant thermal polymers. With high impact resistance and flexablitiy our case is engineered to offer lifetime performance and durability. Fits iPhone 4 and 4s.

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